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i'm in jail dad. jail........
oh lord. so last night sucked. lorna and i were on our way to th mojo burrito christmas party. the party was at our owners house which is in red back. for those of you from chattanooga, i need go no further about the cop situation there. for those of you from other places, let's just say that as bad as chattanooga cops in general are, red bank cops are notoriously horrible. and all this from a city known for it's fucked up police force. (lots of black prisoners dying in custody for no reason, notorious racism, that sort of thing). so here we are on our way. it's a party, so i'm dressed all cute. which yes, translates as REALLY GAY. directly after stopping at the red bank location for directions lorna is pulled over. neither of us are too nervous at this point, since we are sober and not carrying anything worth worrying about. well for some odd reason the cop decides to ask for my id as well. this is when things get hairy. back in '98 i had a dui which i never paid all of my fines for. thought i had somehow slipped through the cracks on that one, since i had never heard anything. this was not to be the case however. i get pulled out of the car, handcuffed, and hauled off to the station. this happened at 8 pm. yeah. arrested the day before christmas eve. i didn't even get booked until after 4 am. just sitting in various cells with many interesting characters. jail is everything you think and more. it stinks horribly, is dirty, and just plain humiliating. thankfully the worst thing said to me was when one of the cops told me to take out my "fancy tongue ring". fancy? maybe my pants were a little fancy, but goddamn! the whole experience really makes you think about a lot of things. the racism in there was atrocious. i spent most of the time with this really nice mexican guy who was treated pretty horribly. he and his friend were ordered not to speak spanish to each other. you can imagine all of the other lovely things said to them. this guy also was not going to be able to get out until a few days after christmas because of his race. apparently most bond companies will not touch someone who is hispanic for fear of them running for the border. can you imagine having to spend christmas in hamilton county jail because of your race? i'm not saying this guy was innocent. i didn't believe anyone's story in there. everyone is totally innocent of course. anyway, other highlights of my stay in the clinker......oh yeah. my booking officer was actually pretty nice. when we got to the mug shot part of the booking things got fun. i felt like i was modeling. these days apparently they have to take pictures of all your tattoos. the only other time i was arrested was that time in '98. back then they had a little piece of paper and merely marked where you had tats on your body with a brief description. poor guy was supposed to take pictures of all of my tattoos. thankfully we just had fun with it. ended up talking about candles for a while. i think he might have been gay. after the booking things got much better. i spent the last part of my time there in a different cell that was totally full. my new mexican friend (alphonse maybe?) shared his blanket with me and we spent the last 30 minutes or so of my time in there talking about random things. you really have odd conversations in jail. it made me feel so innocent. most of the other guys in there were total habitues. sitting and listening to stories about going to jail in different cities and what to expect if you only told your old lady you were going to kill her as opposed to leaving scars were quite interesting. i spent most of my time being very quiet. so my recommendations to the penal system? everyone should be allowed ipods. i missed mine so much. and i'm sure knitting needles are totally verboten, but come on would you rather have guys knitting in prison or teaching each other new levels of criminality? happy holidays everyone.

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shit that sucks, sorry you had to go through that. I got arrested this summer in catoosa county of all place, not fun!

oh dude. i didn't know that. how are things now? heard you're living next to a friend of mine

oh yeah I just got caught driving on a suspended liscence everything got worked out. Yeah I live next to Tim on Delmont now, stop by sometime.

i'd like that. i rarely make it to n.chatt anymore. i'm down in stelmo these days

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