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so this is pathetic. i'm turning into a 4 times a year poster. grrrr. anyway, as usual recently, not too much to report. still working at aretha's still living with jamyia, still staying fagulous as always. oh yeah, and still bored with chattanooga and chattanooga boys. for some reason they have been all ove me recently though. had a really really boring date last week with this gut i met at alan's. oddly enough he seemed a lot cuter and more interesting when i was wasted. went to see charlie and the chocolate factory and then back to my place where i of course had to make out with him for a while, but quickly became quite disinterested. after finally freeing myself of the boy i think the ordeal is all over, but he shows up at work 2 days later and sticks around for like 3 hours. not saying anything, just staring at me all moodily. poor thing. i'm trying to figure out the polite way to free myself. and just to keep the drama rolling 2 days ago i'm asleep when i'm awoken by a very drunk boy i used to make out with at the bar who proceeded to whine and try to make out for 2 hours. what am i gonna do with these boys? and will an interesting boy ever show up? and should i give kyle from georgia yet another chance? fuck it. life's alright.

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kyle?! is he still around? jesus.

i know. he's like an std that keeps cropping back up. i don't think i'm going down there though. maybe d.c. instead....

i love your entries because it's always neat to see that there are a good deal of gay guys in chattanooga.

oh, we're creeping about all over here. it's actually the outlying areas (cleveland, north ga. that have even more of a concentration it seems. although they are all even crazier than the chatt. queers.

oh man, cleaveland?!? do they work at babyland general?

honey, they are all over. especially anything to do with the church of god.

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