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hello again boys and girls and all types in between. for once i am beside a computer and have had enough interesting things going on to post. so here goes. i have quit my job at aretha frankenstein's. biggest relief of the last 8 months. was jobless for about 3 weeks until on the same day durty nelly's and sawasdee both offered me jobs. for those of you not in chatt-town. durty nelly's is our miserable excuse for an irish pub. it's run by raving republican psycho's and sucks bad. but i'm waiting tables again so making decent money. the other job is a thai restaurant that i worked at a couple of years ago when they first opened. that's my fun job. also i've been volunteering bunches with chattanooga cares (a local aids help organization) and dj-ing on pirate radio. if anyone in the north chattanooga/downtown/almost into stelmo area is interested, its on 89.3 and more fun than words can encapsulate. basically i get to hang out in a friends apartment, do whatever i want, play whatever i want and whoever's listening gets to go along for the ride. if you are in the area and are interested in djing-lemme know. i'm hardly ever on here, but call me if you have my number. so aside from the mini-newsletter, here's whats's been going on. i had to take out all of my visible piercings for work at durty nelly's and since i have been noticing how differently the world treats you. obviously i knew things were gonna be kind of different, but let me tell you, boys will approach you much more quickly without a bunch of metal in your face.(ya'll knew there had to be some sorta boy talk in here) the other night i got off from working a double and ended up down at the chill for the family party. basically this is where they shut down and restaurant and have a private party for all the fags and dykes in the area. i had so much damn fun i couldn't contain myself. ended up getting drunk and playing mad pimp boy. had a couple of dates with one of the boys from that night, but we are waaaaay too different for anything to work. so i'm trying to decide if i'm having more fun without the piercings or if they were a nice screening technique to keep all of the cunsmerist capitalist typical type gay boys away. i'll keep you updated.

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hey now that you have all that freakish metal out of your face, we can finally make out! haha

ahahaha. now you know the truth behind the de-metaling.

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