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so i feel like the only posts i have put on here for the past few years have been little "still here" style. that my friends is over. yup, someone finally got all technologically advanced and bought himself one of them-thar fancy computers. which means that i have a lot of time to make up for. things have once again drastically changed in my life. i am working three jobs at the moment. first one is at a candleshop in historic st. elmo. it's called umbra essence and is owned by my friend jamie. she makes all of the candles on site and i am basically the office bitch. one of the most laid back jobs i've ever had. so that's my week. on the weekend evenings i am either working the door at a gay bar called images (and yes i can hear the sighing of any of you who might have gone out there before, but it's an alright job.) the nights i don't work there i am back at the thai restaurant i worked at a couple of years ago. it's not nearly as busy as it sounds. the candleshop is part-time, so i end up having three days off a week. and all of this is made much more bearable because of the fact that in january i am finally making the jump out of chatt-town and off to san fran. anyway enough catching up for now. this bitch needs some beauty rest.


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