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finally got most of my christmas shopping finished yesterday. i was a power shopping bitch! quite proud of meself. anyway, other that that things are pretty much the same here. trying to get back in the habit of blogging on here. especially since i can't on myspace considering my entire immediate family is on there and we have already had drama over some pic that i posted on that. so boss at the candleshop bought my an ipod for christmas so i really not been doing much besides playing with that really. kinda getting ready for the move. doing a shitty job. oh yeah, and i broke up with the boy that i dated for a month. he was 21 and it just wasn't working. sigh. so anyway, any of my old friends that are still on here, get in touch. i've missed you guys...........

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i was in chattanooga the other day and thought of you and your livejournal.

aww cool! how have things been?

hey you!
I have been slacking off of this thing too for the past year. Glad to see you back around sir.

same to been doing alright?

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