The hypocrisies of a vegetarian leather daddy


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sexy jesus?
ok so can we talk for a second about the imagery used in christian music? i don't know how many of you grew up with contemporary christian music in the house, but this shit is crazy. i keep falling in love with him over and over and over again? (a personal favorite at 14.) or here's the title of some song my mom was listening to: hungry(falling on my knees) i have never heard so many men talk about longing to see another male image or be held in his arms as in christian music. maybe i've been missing something here.

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theres a daniel clowes cartoon that gones on about this
uh..phenonomonononon (however you spell it)..
i think its creepy and funny all at the same time.
yay! go god! woo!

hey! what happened to your bear411 profile?

i killed it cuz my sad sad exbf wouldnt stop sending me
drunken instant messages.

i think ima repost it though..
im bored. blah. :P

oh sucky sucky. sorry to hear that. i had to block a sad ex from my aim. what's up with these boys?

happy late birthday and junk..
where ever you may be or something..


Hey thanks! How have things been?

so far so good. back in school and getting my ass kicked
on a daily basis with the course load im taking..but other wise, its going well.
how r things going with you?


Good good. Loving SF. Last night I went out with a bunch of drag queens in condom dresses, porn stars and Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence to give condoms away at area gay bars. Too much fun.

so then what happened?

are you going to school
staying warm


Oh darlin, so much has happened I don't even know where to start. Ummmm, not doing school yet as I don't get residency for a few more months, staying pretty damn warm as our winters only get down in the high 40's, and always etc-ing because that's how I do. How about yourself?

So what's going on with you? I'm working at a different fetish shop now and it's amaizng. We just had Folsom which was such fun madness. Last year I got no sex this year I had two threesomes and some other awesome action.

yay. im glad yr doing good buddy. hmm. not much really going on around here. school is still kicking my ass. we gave our first bed baths and jazz like that the other day. thinking id prolly prefer to be in psychology courses, but who knows.. havent really done much art lately, but its on my mind.. the fetish shop sounds pretty awesome. and yeah, not much really going on in the sex dept lately, but i think the highest number in bed ive experienced at one time this year was like..four? but yeah, im finding im more of a one man guy..


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