The hypocrisies of a vegetarian leather daddy


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Has it really been two years?
Since a post on here? Nothing at all for ya'll since moving to SF? Well, let's see if we can do a minor update. California is amazing. San Francisco is even more amazing. Moving here has taught me so much about myself and there has been tons of positive growth for me. On the work front, no more waiting tables for the time being. This little queer has gotten himself hooked into the fetish industry ladies and gentlemen. That's right, vegetarian Josh has been slinging leather for the last two years. I want to start a new blog called "The hypocrisies of a vegetarian leather daddy". Think anyone would read?
So I started out working at a place called Stormy Leather. This particular shop is mainly known for it's focus on lesbians and womanly needs in general. Quite an experience. Through that job I made lots of great friends and learned tons. Enough to be able to move onto Mr. S Leather after a year. Now this shop is the biggest BDSM store in the world and puts out some of the best quality goods as well. So these days I'm paid to tie up and torture guys. Good damn times let me tell you. All of the issues I didn't even realize were there concerning my sexual self esteem have been totally crushed. This area is great for being able to find the perfect niche for you. There are so many hot and interesting hairy bearded guys who are hot for a good kinky time and great conversation afterward that I can't even keep up with all of them. But of course being the contrary type that I am it seems that my favorite guys all live overseas. Germans, Italians and Spaniards are some of the hottest guys out there. What is one to do eh? Besides visit Berlin of course.


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